Enough is Enough! : The Working Class Has Woken Up

One year ago, not many people in the UK had heard of Mick Lynch. Fast forward 12 months and Mick Lynch who heads the RMT Union has become the voice of millions of people who feel that they have been left behind and are not represented by their elected politicians. It’s no surprise that the ruling Conservative party has decided to wage economic war on ordinary working people, whilst making sure that their mega wealthy pay masters get even richer. However, the lack of any real vision or even mild support from the Labour party, has made many people realise that ordinary people can no longer rely on the Labour Party to fight for them. So, over the past six months, we have seen an unprecedented level of Union activity. It started with Mick Lynch’s Rail, Maritime and Transport workers and spread to Dockers, Postal workers, Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses, Paramedics and Barristers. Whole swathes of working people are now demanding fundamental changes. Mick Lynch summed this up when he addressed an Enough is Enough Rally, saying; “Our message must be this … the working class is back. We refuse to be meek, we refuse to be humble, we refuse to wait for politicians and policy-writers and we refuse to be poor any more.”

The Social Justice Party is committed to supporting all workers who are being undervalued and under represented.