Thank you for reading the Social Justice Party manifesto. As part of this manifesto statement, we have included a brief summary of our major policies.

Our promise to everyone who votes for us is that any elected representatives we secure in the House of Commons will advocate unceasingly and with determination to improve the lives of ordinary people in the UK. A vote for the Social Justice Party will never be a wasted vote. If we manage to get people elected we will fulfil our promise. Even if we don’t succeed in getting people elected this time around, your vote will prove to the establishment of this country that people still have faith it is possible to manage our economy with fairness. A vote for us will be a message that we reject the dishonest narrative we have been forced to endure from the established mainstream parties. If you read our manifesto and believe our aims are worth pursuing, we ask you to go further and believe they are possible!

Before you read those policies you might like to know a little bit about us and the broad principles that moved us to establish the Social Justice Party and which continue to guide us, especially when it comes to specific policy development.

We believe that Capitalism, through its exacerbation of wealth inequality and an undemocratic centralisation of power, puts profit before human need and is destroying our environment. As political activists convinced that no viable electoral alternative to the destructive philosophy of neoliberal capitalism existed, we felt there was no choice other than to establish a democratic socialist & environmentalist party advocating for both people and our planet; the combination of which could see us described as an Eco-Socialist party.

For several decades in this country, the needs and concerns of working class people have been almost entirely overlooked by the larger mainstream parties.

The reason why all those politicians have felt comfortable ignoring working class people is because they have been propped up by a system so corrupted by vested interests, that they see little point in acting for the good of the country when doing so would be counter to the interests of the super wealthy individuals and corporations who continue to make money hand over fist.

The millions and indeed billions that are often being shovelled up by energy companies, water companies, rail operators and now sadly the private health providers creeping into our NHS, are only possible because of the scandalous erosion of our public services.

The British economy is the sixth largest in the entire world and the second largest in Europe. Yet day after day we are fed a diet of lies by these self serving politicians and the media that serves them. We are told we cannot afford to have proper services, decent affordable education for our children, or infrastructure like roads and water facilities that aren’t left to crumble. We are told the NHS has to move from free health care to an insurance based model. We are told that moving to clean renewable sources of energy is unaffordable even though renewable energy is cheaper than the polluting fossil fuels wreaking havoc on the planet. We are told we have to continue to endure the highest retirement age and the lowest pensions.

None of those things are true.

It is not true that the economy is ‘struggling’. Britain remains one of the wealthiest countries in the world but the money is in the wrong hands. The growing number of billionaires in this country have OUR money.

It’s our money because even if the billions of pounds in the hands of the corporate giants that set the political agenda were not literally handed to them as subsidies from the public purse (the Treasury), their so-called ‘earnings’ are not properly taxed. Conveniently for these neo-liberal capitalists supported by both major parties, these disgraceful policies result in rising national debt and hand wringing about the need to ‘balance the budget’.

One of the main reasons the Establishment lie is so effective is because most of the UK’s media including social media is owned by a tiny handful of billionaires. Even the state broadcaster, the BBC, is not impartial as often claimed. The SJP believes that a fair press is vital to democracy. We call for an end to the dominance of biassed billionaire-owned media companies and tech companies, and their replacement with a media subject to democratic control and ownership.

Hopefully you’ll take the time to read our policies and you will see that we have underpinned all our policy objectives with sound economic principles.

There are very few things that can be seen in total isolation. Therefore you will see that our Public Ownership policy outlines the sound economic, money saving and essential goal of putting our resources and key services back where they belong – in our hands.

You will see how that policy fits in with our Economic and wealth redistribution policy and our Environment policy, and how that policy knits in with our Health and Social Care policy and our Housing policy.

We also have a policy statement about Human rights because when all is said and done, as important as economics is, if the economy is not a tool to make people’s lives better it is – except for those few making themselves rich at the expense of others – completely useless.

We recognise that capitalism is an International System that derives vast profits from all ordinary people. In order to put the needs of people on the planet first, an international approach is also required. We therefore call for the establishment of global agreements that promote and protect fair trade, Trade Union rights and safe working conditions across the world that are enshrined in principles promoting human rights, peace and cooperation and which protect our planet and precious wildlife.

We have also included a set of sensible and bold suggestions for how future work arrangements can be organised in order to not only properly reward people for their labour, but open up a new world of opportunity that takes advantage of modern methods of production.

In conclusion we would like to say this. We are a new party but our ideas are not new. We firmly believe that millions of people in Britain share our view that we do not have to endure the growing inequality we see all around us.

We do not have to endure the insult of having a full time job (sometimes two full time wages in a single household), and still not be able to pay a mortgage or afford proper winter heating.

We don’t have to watch our children be saddled with huge debt as a result of their efforts in getting a university education. The Social Justice Party will advocate for the

We don’t have to choose between economic comfort – a concept which for most people is becoming almost impossible anyway – and taking steps to secure our children’s environmental future!

There is another way and it is within our grasp. The Tories and Labour will say no – the best you can hope for is more of the same. The newspapers will gleefully agree with them.

We say –
Together we can forge a new path of prosperity where working class people are not left behind and the time is NOW.

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What follows here is a brief summary of our major policies. At the conclusion of the manifesto the full policy statements are attached.


The right to a secure, sustainable and affordable home is not only a basic human right but a fundamental building block for our collective well being and wider economic growth.

  • A massive social housing construction programme to build at least 200,000 carbon neutral council / social homes annually and abolish the right to buy scheme.
  • Investment in measures to ensure GENUINE affordable housing.
  • Addressing the scandal of empty homes via community led not-for-profit social housing providers and allowing local authorities to buy back housing stock.
  • Placing new and legally binding obligations on money lenders to ensure the needs of buyers and communities are met before those of speculators such as banning or restricting buy to let mortgages.
  • Take deliberate and immediate steps to protect the growing number of people forced into the often below standard and overly expensive private rental market, including new renters rights, rent caps and eviction bans.
  • Address the growing crisis of homelessness that is not only an unnecessary blight on modern society and an economic drain but has condemned nearly three hundred thousand people in the second richest country in Europe to the most precarious of circumstances.


The UK economy has the capacity to provide everyone with food, housing, health, job security and a decent education. The Social Justice Party is championing a new economic approach.

  • An overhaul of the taxation system to implement a genuinely progressive system and crackdown on the scandal of billionaire tax avoidance.
  • The establishment of a National Funding Agency to unleash individual enterprise providing genuine opportunity and a much needed but constructive boost to the economy.
  • Supporting UK businesses with significant long term investment strategies.
  • Democratising decision making by de-centralising economic decision making and prioritising input from workers, consumers and communities.
  • Recognising the role of education in a stable and prosperous economy by removing all vestiges of privatisation in education and by immediately scrapping university fees.


Consistent with the Social Justice Party objective, public ownership of key industries is a major aim of our overall economic strategy.

It is founded on the principle that certain aspects of our lives should not be owned for the purpose of private profit but should be run in the interests of the entire population.

  • Renationalise Water.
  • Renationalise Energy, both gas and electricity.
  • Ensure that our entire Renewable Energy industry is in public ownwership.
  • Stop and reverse the creeping privatisation of our NHS.
  • Renationalise our mail service.
  • Take our public transport system back in to pubic ownership, turning it in to a proper functioning, reliable and affordable service.
  • Take the necessary step of not only nationalising but socialising and democratising our publicly owned industries, maximising the expertise of their workforce.


We must vigorously defend our civil liberties at home and human rights abroad.

  • Uphold the sixteen rights in the Human Rights Act.
  • Immediately scrap the needlessly expensive and cynical Rwanda Bill.
  • Protect freedom of assembly and freedom of association.
  • Immediately cease arms sales and political protection to Israel.


Education is the heartbeat of any country. The worth to society, of a first-class education for everyone, cannot be overstated.

The Social Justice Party believes that investment in education from toddler to university student, and beyond, repays many times over the investment that is made on it.

The Social Justice Party would-

  •  Reduce class sizes in consultation with teachers and education experts.
  • Hold a two-year consultation with teachers to plan the best way to deliver education.
  • Review the role of Ofsted. There is an urgent need for fundamental reform of its “regulatory” role in schools.
  • End the reliance on a one size fits all exam process as it is often disadvantageous to vulnerable learners and has a detrimental effect on student wellbeing.
  • Support the abolishment of University fees.
  • Advocate for a thorough review of the standard curriculum, including the assessment process.
  • Introduce free or low-cost meals for primary and secondary school children. No school should have to run a foodbank, but outrageously 4,000 schools are currently doing so.
  • Democratise schools. Teacher, local authority, parent, boards. Remove the profit motive from education, end academisation and return schools to local government control.
  • Increase education funding through the national wealth tax.
  • Extend and promote access to lifelong learning.
  • Hold an immediate pay review to end the exit of teachers from the profession.
  • Commit to adequate resource schools to support the needs of young people with diverse educational requirements within mainstream education provision.
  • Adequately fund a building programme to make schools safe, warm and conducive to learning.


Dignity at work relies on a democratic approach and the re-empowering of trade unions. We also believe that our relationship to work generally requires a fresh and innovative examination and a determination to ensure that technology works for all of us, not simply those who currently own it.

  • The immediate reversal of all anti-union legislation.
  • Promotion of measures to increase worker control.
  • In acknowledging the enormous growth in the forces of production, the introduction of a shorter working week.
  • An immediate and thorough examination of the benefit of introducing a Universal Basic Income to guarantee not only a living wage to EVERYONE but as a means of eradicating poverty and abolishing the current system of benefit payments.
  • All workers to receive managed wage increases, ensuring they catch up with income lost as a result of inflationary and austerity pressures of the last decade.
  • Implement a real living wage of at least £15 per hour with no age discrimination and ban zero hours contracts entirely in order to make work more secure and combat the cost of living crisis.


It is essential that a Government’s national security and defence policy place the needs of the
population ahead of the desires of vested interests and arms manufacturers if a country is to be
worthy of being described as democratic.

  • Taking control of all the decision making processes regarding national security.
  • Honouring all our legal obligations under International Law.
  • Funding defence in a way that unequivocally ensures our protection as our
    primary consideration.
  • The shockingly high rate of former members of the armed services enduring homelessness is a national disgrace and we will advocate for much greater support in the area of veterans services.


The Social Justice Party is committed to creating an integrated National Health and Social Care Service that is publicly owned and free at the point of use, including the removal of all charges such as prescriptions and hospital car parking.

We believe it is essential to abolish the internal market and reverse the damage of privatisation in order to develop high quality services run for people – not profit!

  • Return to optimum staffing levels through not only increased recruitment but through making health care professionalism an attractive career opportunity again. This would be supported by a new Health & Social Care Training, Support and Retention body.
  • Investing in an ongoing programme of nationwide community health needs to inform policy and service development.
  • Ensure a properly funded, publicly owned Social Care service to provide the needs of people wishing to live independently and those requiring care facility services.
  • Investing in quality Mental Health services.
  • Creating the Healthy Child Program to ensure all children have access to the best possible healthy start to life.
  • Free Dental care, audiology and optometry as part of the holistic approach to health and social care.
  • Mandatory training and top up refresher training for all health and social care workers to be funded by central government to make health and social care work a proper and attractive career and improve quality of patient care.


The Social Justice Party believes there is no way to prevent ecological disaster without major system change. We do however believe this can be done without punishing the least well off. In contrast to the position adopted by Government and the vested interests who support them, the Social Justice Party, through measures such as our public ownership plan will combine overdue environmental reforms with our inherent belief that the richest and most responsible for climate change and environmental degradation shall be those who also pay for the reforms required.

  • Support the implementation of the Climate and Nature Bill (2024).
  • In keeping with our absolute commitment to democracy, support the development of community assemblies for determining what is best for those communities and their environment.
  • Prevent new licences for oil, gas or coal and stop all Government subsidies to these industries.
  • Take all necessary steps to prevent further loss of biodiversity and habitat loss.
  • Implement a Green New Deal that would provide the necessary investment in green energy production for the fastest possible phase out of the use of fossil fuels, creating thousands of new jobs in the process.
  • Honour all our international obligations to assist in all measures necessary to prevent further environmental damage across the world.
  • Support the introduction of an Animal Welfare bill that would include the following –
    • help for low income households with costs of veterinary care and an inquiry into
      soaring veterinary costs
    • tackle animal cruelty
    • end the badger cull
    • close fox hunting loopholes
    • ban imports and sale of real fur, foie gras and hunting trophies
    • review intensive factory farming practices
  • We are committed to the principles of modal shift, getting people out of cars and planes and onto buses and trains.